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There’s a lot of dead space in the night sky, where nothing changes. Life, however, pops up in the most unexpected places. Across all of the great galaxy Regnum, civilizations have risen up in search of knowledge, power, and wealth. Though the darkness is cold and the voyage is long, starships of every shape and size streak through the void, always on the way to bigger and better things. Adventure finds its place in every dark alley, bustling port, and glimmering tower in Regnum. The heroes, villains, and opportunists who stumble upon it have a tendency to become great and terrible, and that is where your story begins.


Lightspeed is a tabletop role-playing game, played through conversation and the rolling of dice. A player called the Animator describes a setting, and each of the other players take on the role of a character. Together, the player characters form a crew, who go on adventures in the Animator's setting of choice. Lightspeed's official sample setting is Regnum, a galaxy of constant adventure that never stands still. As the Animator, you may choose to set your game in Regnum or in a setting of your own creation.

On the players' turns, they describe what they want their characters to do. You roll dice to determine the outcome of risky or difficult situations, such as fighting enemies or piloting a starship. The Animator describes the consequences of your decisions, and presents other characters who may help or oppose your crew. The more adventures you go on, the more powerful your character becomes, gaining new features and abilities. You can create all kinds of wild and wonderful characters, so get creative!

The only limit in Lightspeed is your imagination. Are you ready to take part in the story of a lifetime?


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Having played this only once, I can tell my next couple of sessions are going to be Lightspeed. It is a very nice contrast from DnD, which is my only previous experience, and is much lighter on the "Animator" (GM) then DnD. That is much appreciated as someone who is the forever DM in my group.

Definitely worth a try. It is very noob friendly.

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This game solves quite a few of the issues I've been complaining about for years with other tabletop RPGs: character creation is a breeze, features feel meaningful and have a direct impact on play, and tedious bookkeeping is all but eliminated. 

Most important of all, play is fluid and proceeds at a nice pace - even during combat sequences.

This is now my go-to game for sci-fi adventures.


So much fun! This game is a breath of fresh air after playing mostly 5e for so many years.

If you want to tell a fun story with your friends, without worrying quite so much about complex rules, look no further than this hidden gem.